Can’t get any easier than this – Check out our online cheese shop!

Looking to enjoy some artisan cheeses at the comfort of your own home? Perhaps you are preparing a charcuterie platter and are looking for some ideas and exciting cheese varieties to offer to your guests – Look no further! Get our cheese offers, descriptions, background information, recipe ideas on all the unique cheeses items we offer online!

Where’s the difference? Well, among the products of most recognized quality and excellence, are cheeses aged by one of the top cheese refiners in Europe and selected by us. What more can you ask for? The most famous Italian cheese varieties, well known throughout the world and characterized by unique and inimitable flavors and tastes are now at your fingertips. Authentic, unique – these cheeses stand behind their true name, denomination and origin. Most of these varieties have the official certification of origin, also know as DOP (don’t worry we’ll discuss more about this in our future posts on here!)

Besides the variety of cheese we offer, we’re sure that reliability and quickness of the items you purchase are your top priority. Well, we got you covered on that too!

Appropriate packaging is always used to get these cheeses to your doorstep. In Ontario and Quebec, within 24-48 hours using qualified express couriers, you will receive the cheeses to your doorstep. If you’re needing some support in what exactly to do with some of the cheese varieties, check back soon to get the latest recipe ideas, and cooking tips.

We invite you to visit our website for our complete cheese listing. Looking to pair up our cheeses with unique condiments, like mostardas, balsamic jams of truffle honey? Yum! Get these product details on the same link!

Happy cheese shopping! Remember to check back often.

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