Cheese: Who Doesn’t Want Some?

Gratin. Toma. Barberosso. Robiola. Moncenis.

Although foreign to many of us, these cheese names (who would have thought I was referring to cheese?!) indicate a very unique origin, milk selection, cooking and refining processes, but most importantly some very particular tastes and flavours. If arriving from its original geographical production region, these varieties offer one of the most unique aromas to the palate.

If your every days consumption of cheddar cheese, goat cheese or parmesan has been overdue for some time now, and you are looking to exchange it with some unconventional, different and absolutely delicious varieties of authentic artisan made cheeses from Europe, I invite you to shop online at

It’s not always easy to come up with serving ideas, accompaniments and cooking suggestions for many of the varieties we offer (after all that’s what’s unique about them!) we’ve got your back covered. We offer not only artisan cheese choices to satisfy all of your senses, but the intention is to also to provide you with the tools, ideas and instructions on how to use them, cook with them, serve them. As always, I stand behind the products I offer, so producer/refiner information on all cheeses is always at your finger tips and if you ever feel something has not been included write to me!

Let me tell you about some varieties Taste for Luxury represents. From flavored to blue, hard to soft and everything in between, all of our artisan cheeses have passed the skillful hands of one of the top cheese refiner in Europe. My line offers a variety of artisan cheeses for all palates.

Imagine a French Alpine blue cheese with compact paste and intense traces of penicillin just melting in your mouth. How about a sheep and cow’s milk variety with a unique combination of almonds, or oregano. A cooked crust type such as Taleggio will take your taste buds for an unforgettable journey of delicious and authentic tastes. The physical characteristics of Gratin will baffle you but the flavour will leave you speechless.

Well these are just some of the varieties what we invite you to taste and experiment with, remembering that the suppliers I represent are always in search of new flavours, ideas and refining methods, so keep coming back for more varieties, more ideas and new offerings.

So enough about chatter – who wants some cheese?

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