Fish Carpaccio with White Truffle salt

Fish Carpaccio with White Truffle salt

Are you a fish lover? If yes, this recipe will regenerate your taste buds. If not, well you should try this unique flavour incorporating some gray salt with white truffles, giving this carpaccio plate an exclusive touch.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

200 g of swordfish fillets in thin slices
200 g of salmon fillets in thin slices
1/2 glass extra virgin olive oil
1 garlic glove
Tartuflanghe White Truffle salt
Freshly grounded pepper
1 teaspoon brandy

Cooking instructions

Place the fish fillets on a serving dish and then place them into the fridge. Prepare the dressing or topping. Using the food processor mix in the extra virgin olive oil with 1/2 a garlic glove, brandy and some grounded pepper. A few minutes before serving the carpaccio, drizzle the dressing over the dish and add the pinch of White Truffle salt.

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