Ice Cream with White Truffles

Ice Cream with White Truffles

Are you bored of the usual ice cream flavours? Well, this one will give you something new to talk about! Simple, easy and delicious! Try it yourself – ready in a jiffy!

Ingredients (for 4 people)

16 vanilla ice cream balls
4 glasses Grand Marnier
30g White Truffles

Cooking instructions

Take 4 big glasses to present your Ice Cream with Truffles (if you’re looking to be even more creative, you can always create edible waffle bowls as presented in the picture). Arrange the ice cream balls in the glasses. Pour 1 glass of Grand Marnier in each glass. Slice the white truffle on top or use the pre-sliced dehydrated truffles as presented in the link here, however be sure to re-hydrate the truffle slices in a very small amount of warm water before placing the slices on the ice cream. Enjoy!



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