Parma Ham “Turbans” with “Port” flavoured figs cut into cubes

Wholemeal Noodles with “Culatello” and squash blossoms

Ingredients for 4 persons:

  • Parma raw ham: 240 g
  • Fresh figs: n° 8
  • Port: 2 cl
  • If no fresh figs are available, use 12 dried figs

Peel fresh – but not overripe – figs, cut them into small cubes and flavour them with Port for 30 minutes. Cut the ham into thin slices, wrap ham slices up as to obtain a sort of “turban” and leave an empty space inside the composition. Fill the empty space with the figs, after having strained them from the Port, then put 5 “turbans” per plate and serve them with butter-curls and “Tuscan” loaf bread.
PANE: “Tuscan” loaf bread

Suggestions for a better tasting:
If you cut the ham by utilizing a slicing machine, make sure slices are very thin. To fully enjoy its taste, we suggest to cut it by hand making slightly thicker slices.

How to keep:
Keep the product wrapped in a wet cloth, in the fridge.

SUGGESTED WINE: Colli o Goriziano Riesling Italico Riserva D.O.C.

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