Polenta with Cheese Fondue and Truffle

Polenta with Cheese Fondue and Truffle

Yes it may not be the best summer recipe, but during those snowy, cold winters it will definitely warm up any guest and family member who finds this dish on their dinner menu! Cheese and Truffles are an excellent combination, and adding some polenta (especially if you can get some rough stone grounded variety), you’re really in for a treat!

Ingredients (for 4 people)

350g of Polenta
200g of Cheese Fondue (mix melting cheeses like Fontina DOP, Mozzarella, and Toma Piemontese DOP)
Black winter truffle
40g butter

Cooking instructions

Cook the polenta following the instruction on the packaging. Add some butter at the end of the preparation and mix. Pour the polenta in a large serving dish. Melt the variety of cheese that you wish to use in your cheese fondue on a low temperature. Pour the cheese fondue on the polenta. Add some sliced black truffle to the fondue. Serve it hot. Enjoy!

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