Rare and Precious Food for Canada

When you think of rare and precious, one usually doesn’t think of food. Diamonds, pearls, and gold may be some of the first items we think of. Well, when in our world, we refer to food. One may ask: « What’s so rare and precious about jams, olive oil or cheese? » I can find those products almost anywhere.

My name is Maja. I was born and raised in Canada where my love for food began in my mother’s kitchen. She instilled in me the value of cooking with all-natural ingredients, focussing on quality, and not necessarily quantity. My love for exceptional cuisine matured when I moved to Italy in 2007. In a place where food is a religion, I came to appreciate ingredients, preparation methods, aromas, flavours, customs and traditions on a whole new level!

After completing business school and working in sales for a few years, I decided to pursue my dream: to bring rare and precious foods to my home country, Canada, through the identification, selection and distribution of the highest quality products. And so, I founded Taste for Luxury in 2013.

So what’s so rare and precious about the products I offer? It’s not the fact that they can’t be found anywhere else. Rather, it’s the uniqueness of the product – where they come from and how the ingredients are treated during the preparation, the quantity produced, the historical and producer connect to those products. That’s what’s rare.

My products come from small suppliers who rely on exceptional environmental conditions, all natural ingredients and original production methods to produce the highest quality products in existence. The mission of Taste for Luxury is to find these products and get them to all that can appreciate these specialities!

Initially, Taste for Luxury’s distribution catered mainly to five-star restaurants and gourmet food shops. Today, I also provide unique products to all foodies at home for use in their culinary masterpieces. From olive oils to balsamic vinegars, hazelnuts and jams, truffle products and caviar, artisan cheeses and condiments, I offer only the best that’s available.

I invite you to shop my online store, and contact me for any inquiries at www.tasteforluxury.ca. Follow my journey to bring you amazing food items on @TasteForLux social media sites and feel free to share your recipes, anecdotes and photos using the hashtag #MyTasteForLux.

Although my blog is still under works, I do invite you to visit eat.tasteforluxury.ca for unique recipe ideas, details of our product selection and to learn more about our suppliers, production methods and much more. I call this a foodie heaven!

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