Stuffed pig’s trotter “Cantone” with haricot beans and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Stuffed pig’s trotter “Cantone” with haricot beans and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Ingredients for 4 persons:

Thinly slice the stuffed pig’s trotter by utilizing a slicing machine, then put the slices into a serving dish. Warm up the oil with the rosemary and the garlic clove you have previously crushed. Add in the haricot beans, sauté, add in salt and pepper. Separately, in a pan reduce 30 gr of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena to half the quantity. Put the beans into the middle of the sliced stuffed pig’s trotter and pour the balsamic vinegar reduction onto it.

Possible recipe variants:
Instead of stuffed pig’s trotter, you can use: Cotechino, Roast pork neck salami, Laurel roast

Suggestions for a better tasting:
Once “Cantone” is cooked in water, remove the wrapping and slice the stuffed pig’s trotter in slices having a finger height thickness

How to keep:
Keep in its wrapping in the fridge. Once you open the wrapping, cook and eat.

SUGGESTED WINE: Lambrusco Reggiano D.O.C.

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