Omelette with Truffles

Omelette with Truffles Lets “truffle up” some of that omelette! Use this dish as a morning pick me up or even as an unconventional lunch or dinner at home with some friends. Whatever you choose as the circumstance, we’re sure this omelette will be one to…

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Cheese Risotto Alba Style

Cheese Risotto Alba Style Before you read this recipe, we wanted to give you a few simple points (that are absolutely necessary!) about risotto preparation. Many are able to cook a good risotto (time and ingredients are key!), however many are not prepared to deliver on…

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Chicken Breast Pizzaiola style

Chicken Breast Pizzaiola Style Looking for an exciting new way to shake up your chicken breast dish? Well you got it! Ingredients (for 4 people) 4 pieces of chicken breast (boneless, skinless) 250 gr of chopped tomatoes and basil 1 garlic clove 1 fresh mozzarella or…

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Cheese: Who Doesn’t Want Some?

Gratin. Toma. Barberosso. Robiola. Moncenis. Although foreign to many of us, these cheese names (who would have thought I was referring to cheese?!) indicate a very unique origin, milk selection, cooking and refining processes, but most importantly some very particular tastes and flavours. If arriving from its original…

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It’s time to…CHEESE!

Winter time is the best period during the year to eat and enjoy tasty, rare and precious cheese! That’s why it’s time to discover our cheese selection, one of the most complete you can find at any Canadian supplier. Don’t miss the chance to share with your…

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Try a New Taste: Taste for Luxury

Throughout my time spent in Italy, visiting numerous small producers up and down this breath taking peninsula, I remember stopping by a small town called Rio Saliceto in the province of Reggio Emilia. A rural location, where time seems to have stopped for years. The territory had been hit…

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