What’s Burrata?

Maybe some of you don’t know that Burrata is a fresh cheese. Made from cow’s milk, with spun dough, similar to that of mozzarella but much softer and stringier, Burrata cheese is produced in Murge, specifically in the Andria region (where it was first made centuries ago!) and in…

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Millefoglie with Buffalo Mozzarella

Millefoglie (‘Thousand layers’) with Buffalo Mozzarella When there is no need to turn on your oven, or even look for too many ingredients, the simplicity and the goodness of this marvelous, fresh appetizer is just so… welcoming! With only 3 main ingredients, and half an hour…

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Chicken Breast Pizzaiola style

Chicken Breast Pizzaiola Style Looking for an exciting new way to shake up your chicken breast dish? Well you got it! Ingredients (for 4 people) 4 pieces of chicken breast (boneless, skinless) 250 gr of chopped tomatoes and basil 1 garlic clove 1 fresh mozzarella or…

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