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Experience and passion are the foundation for being the best in the world for truffles. Tartuflanghe is active in both daily search for fresh Alba truffles and are considered masters of production of various truffle products. A great range of innovative products appealing for both gourmet fanatics and chefs!

  • Handmade Tagliatelle Truffle Pasta: Article: TL35
    The first truffle pasta ever produced in the world.
    This homemade pasta has an extraordinary texture, a high percentage of truffle and a great quantity of eggs which enhances its truffle flavour.
  • Risotto with Saffron and Truffle: Article: TL04
    Looking for something uniquely different, yet easy to prepare?
    Well, we have an answer for you – Ready Risotto with Saffron and Truffles directly from Italy!
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Winter Black Truffle Slices: Article: TL25
    Not your every-day type of truffle oil!
    Made from extra virgin olive oil from Umbria, Italy and mixed with actual slices of dehydrated white truffles, this condiment can be used on any dish to add some unique truffle flavour.
  • Truffle Caviar: Article: TL29
    The Truffle Caviar is made from the black winter truffle juice, which is obtained directly from the fresh truffle during its cooking. The tasty juice is then reduced in small pearls through a technique called “spherification”. These pearls have the taste of the truffle but physical charateristics, colour and texture of caviar.

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